How They’re Made

A quality product is made by more than using the best materials—craftsmanship also plays a role. If you’re looking for quality saddle pads for horses, count on Misty Mountain Sheepskin for a product of the highest caliber, from the materials to the manufacturing.

Our sheepskin saddle pads are hand-sewn through a multi-step process and inspected for quality every step of the way. We believe in doing things right, which is why we take the time to eliminate any imperfections and always focus on the details. Here’s a look at our process and what makes our sheepskin saddle pads so special:

  • We take the finest authentic sheepskin and affix a nonslip backing to it, to form the foundation of the pad. After being glued and pressed, the pad is hand cut and trimmed to specs. This ensures it’ll fit proportionately on your seat and stay in place for optimal comfort.
  • Next, we finish sewing and clean up the edge of the pad. This gives it a clean-cut appeal and ensures there aren’t any strays or frays that might hinder the longevity of the pad. It gives us a chance to clean up any edge imperfections.
  • The next process is hemming the edge, further shaping the saddle pad and ensuring there aren’t excesses. At this point, the pad is just about done and looks like it will when you get it.
  • The last step before shipping is brushing. Brushing the sheepskin gives it good volume. Wool naturally wants to clump together, so brushing it out improves the smoothness and feel of the pad. We brush until the material feels light and fluffy.

After completing each step to the highest degree of quality, we make our pads available to customers at a great price. This attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what’s made us the authority on sheepskin wholesale.

Have questions about the saddle pad-making process? Want to learn more about the properties of sheepskin? Contact Misty Mountain Sheepskin today at 417-443-3357. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.