Motorcycle Seat Covers

If you’re the type of person to answer the call of the open road and throttle down to feel the wind in your face, you probably love spending time on your motorcycle. Make sure you’re enjoying every second of your ride atop a seat cushion that’s comfortable and resilient. Let Misty Mountain Sheepskin provide you with a totally custom sheepskin motorcycle seat pad that’s ready to stand up to the road, wherever it may take you.

We make custom sheepskin motorcycle covers for all types of bikes, from cruisers and touring bikes to sport and standard motorcycles. We’re also delighted to offer seat covers specific to the Can-Am Spyder! Whatever make or model you ride, we promise comfortable seating.

Why Sheepskin Covers?

Custom sheepskin motorcycle seat pads are a great accessory for your bike for so many reasons. For starters, they’re incredibly comfortable! You’ll avoid saddle sores and cramping over long rides with a comfortable seat cushion and cover under you.

Sheepskin is also incredibly durable. Motorcycles are known for bearing the rough and rugged nature of the roads, and a sheepskin cover will stand up to them right alongside you. They’re easy to clean and won’t lose their comfort with time or constant use, either. It’s an investment in comfort you can rely on for years to come.

Finally, a sheepskin saddle pad is as unique as your bike! You spend tons of time accessorizing with saddle bags, foot pegs, mirrors, grips and numerous other parts—why not your seat pad? We have sheepskin covers in various colors and accents to match your bike’s theme and appearance.

Ride in Comfort and Style

From the saddle of your Harley Road Glide Special to the seat of your Can-Am Spyder, Misty Mountain Sheepskin wants to make sure your time on the road is comfortable and enjoyable. Contact us today to purchase a sheepskin motorcycle cover for your seat and experience a whole new level of comfort out on the open road. Shop online or call 417-443-3357 today to learn more.