Sheepskin Saddle Pads

The saddle pads offered by Misty Mountain Sheepskin are the best on the market, and we ship throughout the United States! We promise as soon as you put a hand (or your rear!) on our pads, you’ll instantly feel the comfort only authentic sheepskin can offer.

We are very fortunate to have found a supplier that will furnish us with top quality, colored sheepskins, as well. We have a broad range of color options, pad sizes and pad styles, suitable for just about any seating application. Don’t see what you need on our website? Ask! We’ll do our best to get it for you.

Genuine Sheepskin Pads

The best horse saddle pads are made of genuine sheepskin, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from us. No synthetics or imitation fabric here! Using genuine materials, we construct pads that are beautiful, comfortable and durable.

Using real sheepskin (2-3” in length), we affix a nonslip backing to prevent them from shifting while you’re riding. Our pads also come with two elastic straps and detachable buckles, as well as an elastic strap to fit under the front of the seat. They’re designed to stay put during even the rockiest ride, so you’re always comfortable.

Because they’re authentic, we recommend hand washing with cool water, no detergent. Air dry only.

Why Sheepskin?

Of the many saddle pad materials out there, sheepskin stands alone. It’s durability, comfort and general appeal make it a luxurious favorite for any rider:

  • It can prevent saddle sores from a horseback saddle or a motorcycle saddle.
  • It’s durable enough to last for many years as a tractor seat cushion or machinery seat pad.
  • We also have medical skins, “sanitized” to resist microbe growth for wheelchair users.

Sheepskin represents the very best material for keeping your rump comfortable, no matter where you’re setting or for how long!

Find the Perfect Saddle Pad

Want to learn more about the authentic sheepskin saddle pads offered by Misty Mountain Sheepskin? Contact us today at 417-443-3357 for more information or to order yours.