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Misty Mountain Sheepskin

Why put sheepskin between saddle and horse, but not between saddle and rider? Misty Mountain Sheepskin believes in keeping you comfortable the entire time you’re mounted! We produce luxuriously comfortable sheepskin pads, to prevent saddle sores and improve your comfort on horseback. Our custom saddle pads can also be used on motorcycle, tractor and machinery seats—anywhere you’re planting yourself for an extended period. Ask us about special sizes and colors!

Fine Quality, Custom-Made Sheepskin Saddle Pads

If you spend a lot of time in the saddle, you’ll have the proof to show it. Saddle sores and low back pain can take their toll fast, taking the joy out of trotting your horse or hitting the open road on your motorcycle. Thankfully, a good saddle pad goes a long way and can keep you comfortable while you ride.

If you’re going to protect yourself from the agony of saddle pains, why not choose the very best protection? Nothing comes close to sheepskin saddle pads! They’re far and away the most comfortable material and will stand up to the rigors of your rides for years to come. Let Misty Mountain Sheepskin put an authentic sheepskin saddle under you that always keeps you comfortable!

Our saddles are made using the finest genuine sheepskin, affixed with a non-slip backing. They cushion your behind with a heavenly feel for hours at a time, without moving an inch—even on rocky terrain. And, because we don’t use imitation sheepskin or synthetic fabric, you can count on your saddle pad to hold up under even the most rigorous conditions. Choose the size and style you want—even the color—and we promise a pad that’s well worth the price. You’ll wonder how you ever rode without it!

  • We offer a full 15-day money-back guarantee on all custom-made sheepskin products.
  • In business 30 years, we’ve sold to motorcycle enthusiasts and horse lovers nationwide!
  • We sell only the best saddle pads, hand-sewn and constantly checked for quality.
  • We can sew any skins together for a small fee, to make a larger custom pad.
  • Our sheepskins are finest quality, both imported and domestic-tanned.

Keep Your Saddle Comfortable

Looking for a specific color or style for your sheepskin saddle pad? Call and ask—chances are we have it, or can get it. We promise the finest quality and a saddle pad that meets your needs.

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